In this blog I write the kind of things that I wish someone else had written for me so that I could simply link to them and say: “I agree with this”.

I try to keep every post around one simple idea, which can be expressed with one sentence (the title) and in the 500 words limit (as explained here). In general I keep it easy with the kind of stuff that everybody knows and is obvious but apparently nobody explains and perhaps some people even prefer to deny. Denial is strong sometimes.

I have a number of places to put other types of stuff, like:

  • Twitter for shorter comments, that after being repeated too many times become a blog post.
  • Tumblr where I throw things and put them together, so that maybe I can refer to bundles of ideas or concepts in some blog post, or social media.
  • Medium for well thought and thorough analysis (according to my standards).
  • GitHub for stuff that uses code, data visualization, and other cool things, in addition to the previous. Not a common thing to do.
  • Papers, for when life is not too short and I can pour hours on moving the state of the art forward, i.e. never.

The blog should have a menu displaying tags, all those links and some more, and probably more things, search for it if you did not find it already. In general, I expect people to find about my blog posts not by checking tags (which I eternally consider that I should re-organize) but by finding the link somewhere in social media, probably because I shared it myself.

I usually write in English, although there is some occasional Spanish.

Feedback is welcome, even if you think that I am an idiot. I will appreciate it if I think that it is right, and I will try to correct you if I think that is possible. If there is anything else that you would like to read about here, just let me know.


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