Starting the blog

Sometimes I’ll feel like saying something too long for a tweet, or maybe not obvious enough from just a bunch of links with no further explanation (but they will always be obvious to a great extent). I’ll then post it here and reasonably expect nobody to read it, the posts will not be particularly optimistic, you will not be happier after reading the blog, thus it is unlikely that

The posts will be short, so that I do not spend too much time writing them and you don’t waste too much time reading them. I don’t have great aspirations of pretensions for this blog, but to write something and get it out of my head. The topic may include everything, but will probably focus on information processing, from artificial intelligence to cognitive biases, including emergent behaviors from natural and artificial laws, rules, programs, etc. Someone is giving a good use to, hence the narcissistic address.

Posts will probably contain many links. There are several million caffeinated apes spending many hours typing in non completely random ways, and most know more than me about what they type, therefore I find few reasons to waste resources in the cloud (with all that is implied by that) adding worse contents. Try to read one post or two to see if any of this makes any sense.


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